A CLYDEBANK woman who suffers from “awful anxiety” has organised a mental health group for women – and has received an amazing response.

Kimberly Boyle, 30, from Faifley posted on local community group Call yerself a BANKIE! asking if any ladies who suffer with any type of mental health issues would be interested in attending a group.

More than 200 people commented on the post, showing their interest, praising the idea, and wishing her all the best.

The 30-year-old contacted Golden Friendships founder Jim McLaren after a number of people suggested that he may be able help with a venue.

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Kimberly told the Post: “I contacted Jim and right away he got on the phone to the Board and the venue is ours for free. It’s amazing. He’s an amazing man.

“I have suffered with anxiety for around 15 years, so I think something like this is massively important because mental health is on the rise and especially in our community.”

The group will be every Wednesday, and starts tonight (August 7) at 6.30pm in the Golden Friendships Community Hall, Dalmuir. All women are welcome.

Kimberly made a second post on Facebook with details of the group after the original post sparked so much interest.

She wrote: “I can’t believe the response I received; I would like to thank everyone. I know it's short notice but it’s just to get an idea of numbers and for everyone to share ideas on what they would like from the group.

“I would really appreciate anyone that can make it. I’m happy to meet anyone at the door if you’re feeling a little anxious or overwhelmed.

“Let’s do this women of Clydebank let’s take back our lives and fight together against mental health.”

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One person responded saying: “I have a severe anxiety disorder which I am managing holistically with a massive improvement, I’d love to share my story and methods to anyone suffering in the hope that it may help others.

“I know it is very very difficult for some to leave their homes to attend but this is a massive opportunity and step towards healing yourself, bless you Kimberly, what a wonderful idea and brave thing to do, inspirational.”