A VANDAL who damaged three different cars in Clydebank left messages to the owners after each attack.

Police confirmed that three members of the public reported similar crimes this morning – that happened late last night or during the night.

One car was damaged at Antonine Gardens, another at Auchentoshan Avenue, and a third at Perth Crescent.

The blue Fiat 500 parked at Antonine Gardens had its fuel cover broken, scratches along the back and side, and the contents of the car thrown into the street.

Lucy McOuat, the owner of the Fiat said access was gained, but her locks were not damaged.

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She told the Post she was “almost 100 per cent sure her doors had been locked”.

A message was left on the inside of the drivers window with mascara saying “be a better boss”, however this has no meaning or relevance to the owner.

Lucy took to social media to highlight what had happened and asked anyone who knew anything to come forward.

She wrote: “Many thanks to whoever vandalised my car last night. You certainly caused a decent amount of damage - so well done!

“However, judging by the message you left me on the inside of my window you got the wrong car.

“If anyone saw anything through the night it would me much appreciated if you could get in touch.”

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Meanwhile, the car at Auchentoshan Avenue had nail polish that was left inside poured into the internal system and radio.

Items were thrown onto neighbours’ cars and in a nearby car park.

A message was left on the car with nail polish reading “why not lock door” however, police confirmed the doors of the car had been locked.

“Always lock your door” was the message left to the owner of the car that was vandalised at Perth Crescent.