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Clydebank teen impresses First Minister

2 Sep 2014 10:00

AFTER feeling excluded as a kid because he has Asperger’s Syndrome Clydebank teen Zack Norwood decided to take up acting.

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Drug fuelled driver led police on car chase across Clydebank

2 Sep 2014 07:00

A RECKLESS driver who dragged police on a drug-fuelled car chase across Clydebank wept in the dock as he awaited sentencing last week.

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Reminder over voting deadline

1 Sep 2014 17:00

BANKIES have been urged to check they can take part in the Scottish independence referendum by making sure they are registered to vote.

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Police meet at Clydebank Town Hall

1 Sep 2014 15:00

CLYDEBANK Town Hall will be the venue this week for a public meeting examining the role carried out by the police.

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‘Margo mobile' visited Clydebank

1 Sep 2014 13:00

THE memory of Margo MacDonald visited the town in a unique fashion recently.

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Harriers shine in Tour of Clydeside

CLYDESDALE Harriers have been out in force in recent weeks with a series of races as part of the Tour of the Clydeside.

2 Sep 2014 09:30

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Snooker star set for Lucky Break

2 Sep 2014 08:30

Snooker star Stephen Maguire has his heart set on World Championship glory — but tonight (Wednesday) he is paying a visit to Clydebank’s Lucky Break snooker club.

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Bowls latest from Ian MacDonald

1 Sep 2014 08:30

Bowls news from around Clydebank.

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Young Bankies round-up

31 Aug 2014 08:30

Round-up of Clydebank under-19s recent ties.

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Cooking up an electric taste storm

The first hint of summer weather sends barbecue sales into overdrive, even in parts of the country where lengthy belts of balmy sunshine are anything but guaranteed.

18 Jun 2014 15:10

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Cllr George Black: An independent voice

22 Apr 2014 09:00

I RECEIVED an invitation to a seminar to be held next month in Garshake, it caused me to ponder the reason that we have elected members.

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Online business info clicks into fast gear

7 Mar 2014 10:27 • Gary Farmer

It’s bad enough making a mistake in business - but surely far worse when you later realise you could easily have prevented it happening in the first place. Good business relationships may prosper ultimately on trust, but when a firm is set on expansion and looking for a suitable partner far more immediately pragmatic steps are both obvious and necessary.

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Eco-window shopping just went mainstream

27 Feb 2014 16:52 • Gary Farmer

There’s never a bargain-basement cheap way of investing in the sort of home improvement that could save you from crippling fuel bills in the future - but that doesn’t mean you automatically have to spend a fortune.

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Online casinos can be seriously fun

Think of any great movie role where gambling is an important theme - Paul Newman in The Sting, perhaps, or Sean Connery in any one of several Bond films - and a whole range of images surely spring instantly to mind.

4 Apr 2014 14:45

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Winter is never dull in Paris

10 Dec 2013 09:30 • Gary Farmer

Paris may be cold and possibly rainy, and magnificent views lit by brilliant sunshine in summer are grey and wintry - but that needn't spoil anyone's enjoyment of the city of love.

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EXCLUSIVE: The Post catches up with Graeme Clark to talk all things Wets Wet Wet

20 Nov 2013 10:00

WET WET WET star Graeme Clark says the band is counting the days until it gets to wow the crowds in Glasgow.

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