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Coin our Clydebank campaign slogan - and WIN £100

3 Mar 2015 11:30

ATTENTION all Bankies!

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Drumchapel food bank running dry

3 Mar 2015 07:30

MORE donations of food and toiletries are needed to support vulnerable families in Drumchapel.

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BREAKING NEWS: Teenage robber is jailed

2 Mar 2015 16:00

A TEENAGER who held up a shop at knifepoint only to escape with a handful of chocolate eggs has today ( Monday) been locked up for more than two years.

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West Dunbartonshire has millions of pounds worth of disused clothes

2 Mar 2015 07:30

BANKIES are being urged to hand over clothes that they no longer wear in a bid to tackle homelessness in their area.

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Clydebank art gallery to welcome famous exhibition

1 Mar 2015 07:30 • Edel Kenealy

WORK by one of the most influential photographers of the 21st century will go on display in Clydebank Museum and Art Gallery.

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St Stephen’s Netball sides go head-to-head

2 Mar 2015 10:30

ST Stephen’s Netball Club’s first and second teams faced each other, with club bragging rights on the line the first team would prove their worth to pick up the win.

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Golf tips from a professional

1 Mar 2015 12:30

IT’S getting closer to proper golf again. As we return to full greens, we also have greenside bunkers to negotiate. We will still have plenty of rain and with low temperatures the sand in those bunkers doesn’t dry out much either. The result is compacted sand which for many can pose a problem.

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Drumchapel High hosts tables tennis masterclass

28 Feb 2015 12:30

CORINNA Whitaker and Lynda Flaws from Drumchapel Table Tennis Club took part in a demonstration match at Drumchapel High School on Tuesday, February 17.

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Taggart captains Scotland to glory

27 Feb 2015 13:30

OLD Kilpatrick bowler Callum Taggart believes that captaining Scotland to their Under-25 International Series victory on home soil is ‘as good as it gets.’

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Cooking up an electric taste storm

The first hint of summer weather sends barbecue sales into overdrive, even in parts of the country where lengthy belts of balmy sunshine are anything but guaranteed.

18 Jun 2014 15:10

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Cllr George Black: An independent voice

22 Apr 2014 09:00

I RECEIVED an invitation to a seminar to be held next month in Garshake, it caused me to ponder the reason that we have elected members.

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Online business info clicks into fast gear

7 Mar 2014 10:27 • Gary Farmer

It’s bad enough making a mistake in business - but surely far worse when you later realise you could easily have prevented it happening in the first place. Good business relationships may prosper ultimately on trust, but when a firm is set on expansion and looking for a suitable partner far more immediately pragmatic steps are both obvious and necessary.

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Eco-window shopping just went mainstream

27 Feb 2014 16:52 • Gary Farmer

There’s never a bargain-basement cheap way of investing in the sort of home improvement that could save you from crippling fuel bills in the future - but that doesn’t mean you automatically have to spend a fortune.

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Disney on Ice celebrates its 100th birthday

25 Sep 2014 15:30

HAVING wowed audiences all over the world, Disney On Ice is celebrating 100 Years of Magic.

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Internet offers a road map to jobs

15 Sep 2014 09:42

The jobs market is tough, and airy statements to the effect that plenty of new opportunities are coming on stream need to be seen in context - but there’s hope, too.

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Diving into Deep Sea adventure

5 Sep 2014 09:30

This is why we’re proud to be offering our readers a special discount for a trip to see this flagship attraction and maritime marvel, with a voucher which will either admit one child completely free (saving £7) when buying an adult ticket, or alternatively admit one adult at 20 per cent off the usual price.

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