A YOUNG mother has told how she has been left to cope with dampness and mould growing in her bedroom which she shares with her two children who suffer respiratory issues.

Rebecca Gillies, 22, lives on Dipple Place, Drumchapel, in a Glasgow Housing Association home which she says has been affected by damp since a few weeks after she moved into the property in February 2019.

She lives at the house with her baby daughter, who was born eight weeks premature.

Rebecca said: “I have contacted GHA several times and in the first instance, they sent someone out who painted over it.

“Within a few weeks it was back and they didn’t come out when I raised it with them.

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“It is on the wall that my bed, and the baby’s cot, are against and I have had to throw out the cot mattress and blankets as the mould has wrecked them too.

“I am at my wits’ end. I have coped with this all through my pregnancy and had to bring a high dependency, eight weeks premature baby home to this, I feel like I am talking to a brick wall.

A spokesperson for GHA said: “We’re sorry we’ve not been able to fix this issue once and for all. When the mould was first reported to us in November 2019, we arranged for it to be removed and for the building to be inspected.

“We were only alerted to mould again in April, but unfortunately due to the restrictions in place because of coronavirus, we were unable to enter the home to remove it as we’ve been running a reduced repairs service in line with government guidelines.

“We have now been able to arrange to remove the mould. As soon as restrictions allow, we will carry out another investigation of the property.

“We have also offered to replace any items damaged by mould in the property.”