THE NUMBER of noise complaints lodged to the council by Clydebank, Bowling and Old Kilpatrick residents has continued to rise year on year.

Statistics from a Freedom of Information request, obtained by the Post, show that in 2017, a total of 96 complaints were made by residents of the three areas.

This then increased to 108 in 2018, and 134 last year.

One of the noises that annoyed residents most was the music coming from a radio or speaker in Lappin Street, Whitecrook, after 16 complaints were lodged to West Dunbartonshire Council over the last two years.

Elsewhere in Whitecrook, 17 complaints were made for the same reason in McDonald Crescent – but over a three year period.

Only one complaint has been lodged to the council about aircraft noise, and was made last April by a Millburn Avenue resident.

Residents in Hall Street, near Clydebank Town Hall, had the most reasons for complaints which included entertainment, an intruder alarm, a dog barking, poor sound insulation, laminate flooring, and construction sites.

Onslow Road residents, near Drumry rail station, put in two complaints regarding vibration.

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Dog barking has been complained about 27 times in the past three years – with four of them being made from residents of the one street – Islay Drive in Old Kilpatrick.

The noise of musical instruments also annoyed Old Kilpatrick residents in Kirk Crescent, after five complaints were lodged in 2018/19.

Meanwhile, the railway sound at Bowling station was complained about 12 times over the past two years.

Other reasons for complaints included traffic, DIY, industrial and domestic appliances such as a washing machine.

A spokeswoman for West Dunbartonshire Council said: “Noise complaints arise for a variety of different reasons and are unpredictable. However, the number of noise complaints made to the council are fairly consistent year on year, although there has been a slight increase in complaints in the Clydebank area over the last two years.”

Since the Covid-19 lockdown, noise complaints across the UK have surged by more than 48 per cent, according to data from The Noise App.

Members of the public use the app to report unwanted noise from their neighbours.

Before the lockdown was announced, 1,500 individual noise reports were made each day, but the numbers have increased significantly.

Over recent weeks, the average is now 2,300 reports.