THE Scottish Parliament has voted in favour of a 'deposit return scheme which will be introduced across the country in 2022.

A 20p charge to buy single use cans or bottles will be applied to all sizes of containers, which will be refunded to the customer when empty packaging is returned.

Clydebank’s MSP, Gil Paterson, said: “I am delighted to have voted in favour of bringing in the scheme to Scotland – it will help clean up the streets and change attitudes towards recycling.

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“Adding a financial incentive to recycling is a great way to make sure it actually works, because of the tangible reward or return of money that people are getting.

“In countries with similar schemes, people will go out of their way to pick up discarded bottles or cans so they can hand them in, making a truly self-sustaining anti-littering and pro-recycling society.

“It is excellent to see some good news that differs from the pandemic, in Scotland, and I think we can all look forward to the Deposit Return Scheme rolling out in July 2022.”