CLYDEBANK’S Oli Keenan will soon be starring on TV screens across the world after accepting a role in a new Netflix series.

The young man behind the make-up of the terrifying Pennywise the Clown impression was headhunted for the upcoming production - after a video of him taken a year ago was viewed by more than 21 million people.

The 23-year-old created a scarily accurate version of the famous clown to scare trick or treaters but now he is preparing for a life-changing experience.

Oli will soon be heading to England to start filming in Manchester, Bristol and London - but only after his favourite time of year - Hallowe’en.

He is playing one of the four lead roles in a teen drama that is set in a Manchester college.

Oli told the Post: “We are aiming to start filming early next year and hoping for it to be released early the following year.

“My character is eccentric and quirky like me so it’s not a reach to play the part. Having to do a Mancunian accent the whole time is quite hard. But we have got a dialect coach on set pointing us in the right direction if we’re screwing something up.

“I have been doing a lot of pre-production already - like costume fittings, script read-throughs and a lot of stuff like that so I have been going back and forth to London whenever they need me.

“The other actors are great so it’s good fun. We are all of similar ages and similar interests so it’s nice working with them.”

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Oli has signed for two seasons of the show which will consist of 22 episodes each and one of his requests was that he would be finished filming in time for Hallowe’en next year.

It was the 2018 video taken by a parent that sparked the creative director of the upcoming series to get in touch with Oli and invite him to London for a screen test.

Oli added: “I met the next day with the casting director and the creative director and they told me, ‘We want to offer you the part’. I was just thinking to myself ‘What is going on?’ It was crazy.

“The whole experience is scary. There is the fear of what if this doesn’t go well and people don’t like it?”

Other opportunities that stemmed from the viral video included working to promote The Grinch film last Christmas, working with Warner Bros. to promote IT Chapter Two, and hosting Glasgow Horror Night’s scare cinema.

But despite his new major role, Oli has only featured in pantomimes and as TV extras before. He left Clydebank High at the end of his fourth year as he felt “it wasn’t for him” and completed a HND in Acting at Glasgow Kelvin College.

Oli said: “I moved to Italy for more than a year and worked in a shop because I fell out with acting for a while.”

But last year re-ignited his love for his talent after he played the role of Pennywise to trick or treaters who dared to chap his house door.

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“People have a real love for that clown -although he kills people,” Oli said.

Along with his mum, dad and brother, the Linnvale family decorate their house every year which is becoming more and more popular. And this Hallowe’en will be bigger and better with a full tribute to The Shining.

Oli added: “We don’t know what to expect this year with how big it was last time. It’s going to be madness.

“Next year we are thinking about organising a more structured event in Clydebank like a scare walkthrough.

“Hallowe’en is one of those things that brings the community together in a weird way. You get out of it what you put into it.

“When I was younger there was nothing really. So it’s nice to think that the local kids growing up will say ‘remember that house at Hallowe’en?’”