CLYDEBANK'S Pennywise the clown has been spotted during a recent trip to the dentist.

Horror Nights Glasgow have shared a video showing the famous clown going to get his teeth checked.

Behind the costume and lots of make-up is Oli Keenan from Linnvale.

The 22-year-old was filmed ahead of hosting Horror Nights Glasgow's scare cinema later this month.

Oli recently spoke to the Post about his up and coming role and how the opportunity stemmed from a video featuring him and his brother that went viral on Hallowe'en last year.

Cal Brown, creative director with Horror Nights Glasgow, said the dentist video shared today was a bit of fun before the shows that will be taking place on October 25 and 26.

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Cal added: "We came across Oli and he really stood out. Not just for his Pennywise stuff. He really gives a creative input and is willing to get right into character.

"Oli works hard and he really is one of these rising stars.

"He puts in a lot of effort. Some actors get a bit of exposure and start to back off a bit but he just gets stronger and stronger.

"He was just the perfect fit."