THE organiser of a women’s mental health group in Clydebank was “overwhelmed” at the turn out she received – after only thinking of the idea the night before.

Kimberly Boyle, from Faifley, managed to put the plans in place and promote the idea within a matter of hours.

She invited all women from Clydebank and beyond to join her in the Golden Friendships Community Halls at 6.30pm last night, August 7.

More than 20 women of all ages went along to share their own stories, and ideas on how the group can further be made a success.

Kimberly told the Post: “I was really overwhelmed by the turn out, and everyone was so lovely. I just hope as a group we can all get better together and really help each other.

“Everyone got involved, it was really great. One of the ladies came up with our name and we thought it was perfect.”

A Facebook page under the groups new name has been made – Women Moving Forward – and has more than 220 likes already.

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Kimberly wrote: “Can’t thank all the ladies that showed up tonight enough. You are amazing people and I’m so glad we laughed, and we are ready to move forward.”

She also thanked Jim McLaren, Golden Friendships founder for letting them use their halls.

Women Moving Forward will take place at the Golden Friendship Community Halls every Wednesday night at 6.30pm.

Kimberly who suffers from “awful anxiety” herself posted on local community group Call yerself a BANKIE! asking if any ladies who suffer with any type of mental health issues would be interested in attending the group.

More than 230 people commented on the post, showing their interest, praising the idea, and wishing her all the best.

The 30-year-old contacted Jim McLaren after a number of people suggested that he may be able help with a venue.

Kimberly said: “I contacted Jim and right away he got on the phone to the Board and the venue is ours for free. It’s amazing. He’s an amazing man.

“I have suffered with anxiety for around 15 years, so I think something like this is massively important because mental health is on the rise and especially in our community.”