A GLASGOW rugby team has foregone its rigorous training regime to help out a local community garden.

The Glasgow Warriors stepped in to help volunteers from Heart of Scotstoun overcome the last hurdle of their community garden project.

Volunteers were struggling to meet the costs associated with clearing the land for their "active lawn", which will give children and young groups the chance to take part in outdoor activities.

But when they enlisted in the help of a warrior, they did not quite expect the full force of the city's rugby team to step up to the challenge.

Video footage shot by volunteers shows the lads in their sporting uniform pick up spades and wheelbarrows in their efforts to clear the space.

The site on Scotstoun's Balmoral Street has been tackled by a group of dedicated volunteers for the last few years, to transform the space into a thriving community garden.

June Mitchell, lead gardening volunteer at the centre, told the Post: "For just over two years the Heart of Scotstoun gardening volunteers have been working on the old Albion Motors site to create a community garden.

"The site has been transformed from a mound of leftover concrete rubble to a garden where there are spaces for local people and centre users to grow vegetables, to socialise outdoors and to enjoy the planted areas of flower beds, wildflowers and trees which encourage urban biodiversity.

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"Almost all of the plans for this site had been realised thanks to help and support from a large number of environmental project funders, corporate contributions of time and money, and months of physical effort from large numbers of volunteers.

"Glasgow Warriors came along to put the final jigsaw in place, and the day coincided with the last day of a children’s summer holiday club so there was great excitement to meet the rugby stars and to watch the players working on the activity lawn.

"The staff and gardening volunteers are very grateful to the Glasgow Warriors for making the dream of a multi-purpose community garden come true with the help of Scotstoun’s own sporting heroes."

Local councillor Michael Cullen also commended the team's actions.

He said: "Our community is diverse and dynamic and over the last year I have had the privilege to help and support the local community and volunteers from Heart of Scotstoun to turn this piece of land from unusable rubble to a vibrant community space.

"This is an example of amazing community participation. Various community partners, local residents, and companies, have all helped turn this space around.

"The last obstacle was the active lawn as it’s become known so the children and other groups can do activities outdoors, and the costs associated with this was very large.

"I was pleased to see they had decided to use one of their training days and get the land cleared. I would like to personally thank Nathan Bombrys and the rest of the Warriors Family for making this happen."