A COMMUNITY meal in the Heart of Scotstoun helps feed those living on the breadline whilst promoting healthy eating.

The food event, which runs once a month, aims to provide a place where people can socialise and eat without spending money.

Amanda Quinn, the centre manager, said: “We like to think of our centre as a safe place for all to grow.

“Social isolation is a huge challenge, and the community meals allow anyone to attend, where they can eat and chat freely with others.”

Last Thursday’s meal was the first taste of the home-grown fruit and vegetables and the 32 attendees enjoyed a meal of courgette lasagne and apple pie.

Macaroni cheese, chicken fajita nachos and a meatball pasta bake are just some examples of previous dishes that have been served.

The food, prepared by both staff and volunteers, who run the kitchen and serve the meals, is provided by the charity Move On.

Margaret, a local resident who attended with her niece, said: “I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere in the centre and the food they provide, as well as meeting new people.

“I think it’s fantastic that the volunteers give so much to the community. They always take time out to sit and chat and ask how you are.”

The evening meal has had extra dates added over the summer holidays to ensure no one goes without food.

Amanda added: “Unfortunately many people face many challenges, and some can’t afford to eat well especially during holiday times.

“The people that come love it, they absolutely love it. We put all the tables together so its two big giant ones and everyone can chat and meet new people.”

The event is part of a Family Food Service project run by Move On which aims to encourage communities to share meals and tackle food poverty.

Two other organisations are also taking part – The Annexe Healthy Living Service and The Community Central Hall.

The Heart of Scotstoun centre proves popular within the community as it provides nine different “home-grown” groups for people to attend that they organise and manage.

These include a children’s summer club, a knitting group, a gardening group, a men’s group, fitness for young people, dance for young people, mental health yoga, a senior group and children’s play dates.

Councillor Michael Cullen said: “The centre provides a truly remarkable community-led approach to isolation and food poverty.

“These community meals provided mostly by volunteers of the centre also has another aspect helping to strengthen the local Inter-generational work done by the centre and the DRC Youth Project.

“We are lucky as a community to have these amazing volunteers who are always striving to look for ways to address a range of issues faced by residents of the local area.”

Work is still being completed on the centres “Green Garden” however is quickly coming to life and will soon provide space for outdoor exercise and socialising.

The fruit and vegetables that are currently growing are also for community members to help themselves to for free.

For information on future events visit the Facebook Page – “Heart of Scotstoun.”