A WHITECROOK resident has branded a litter problem in the area as “disgraceful.”

David Barbour, 55, who lives at The Courtyard flats on Fleming Avenue, says the litter scattered around the street and in the bushes surrounding his property is an on-going problem.

His house is 40 yards from the local shops where there is a takeaway, a newsagent and a grocer.

He told the Post: “The problem comes from the shops, but litter is a problem everywhere in Clydebank, and it needs to be stopped.

“It’s a real concern down here [in Fleming Avenue]. People are buying from the shops and just chucking the rubbish away.

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“We pay money on council tax, but I think the council think that it’s not their problem because the rubbish is on private property.

“There used to be a fence around the car park, but kids broke it all away and it’s never been repaired so the litter gets in.”

Mr Barbour said more bins are needed in the area, and more street bin collections are needed due to overflowing.

He added: “The bushes are all overgrown as well. The litter is all stuck in them – chippy bags, cartons, empty cans, beer cans, everything.

“I just passed the bushes there, and there must be about 10 black bags worth of rubbish in them. It’s disgraceful.”

A spokeswoman for West Dunbartonshire Council said: “Bins on Fleming Avenue are emptied three times each week, and the area is visited by litter pickers. We will look at the location and increase the frequency of picking if required.”