A LOCAL campaigner has raised the issue of climate change in West Dunbartonshire and concerns for the world being left for grandchildren.

Rose Harvey put forward the question at West Dunbartonshire Council’s open forum last month asking what measures the council was taking to “help prevent it”.

She also called for a working group of councillors, council staff, community groups and others to consider “possible mitigation measures, so that our grandchildren do not look back at our generation and say of us, ‘They knew what to do, but they did not do it’”.

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SNP Councillor Iain McLaren said Mrs Harvey was not being dramatic enough, with consequences of climate change already evident around the globe.

He cited council actions such as awareness campaigns, sustainability policies and work at the Queens Quay development in Clydebank as examples of trying to tackle the issue.

Cllr McLaren added that they could consider Mrs Harvey’s suggestion the council do something in conjunction with Global Climate Change Week in October.

He said Mrs Harvey could be provided with a full list of the council’s climate change efforts.