A DALMUIR woman has avoided being sent to jail for a drunken knife attack at a Drumry block of flats.

Hayley Brown, of Pattison Street, previously confessed to assaulting and injuring a woman on September 4 last year in Onslow Road.

Dumbarton Sheriff Court heard the 35-year-old’s victim had been returning with a friend to another flat in the block at 3.45am and could hear loud music coming from a neighbouring property.

As they stood at the front door of the flat, the front door of the neighbouring property opened and they saw Brown come out, “shouting, swearing and generally ranting”.

In an attempt to defuse the situation, the girls identified themselves and asked if what Brown was saying was directed at them.

Fiscal depute Sarah Healing said Brown challenged the woman to a fight, shouting “I’ll take you in a square go” and “are you trying to get wide cause you’ve got a bottle of wine?”.

Brown then moved towards her victim, who saw that Brown was holding a red-handled kitchen knife in her right hand.

Ms Healing continued: “The accused then lunged towards the complainer and struck her with the knife on her left hand, causing a bleeding injury with a number of small lacerations between her fingers.”

The other woman then grabbed Brown by the hair and they both fell to the ground and struggled before the owner of the neighbouring flat came out, ending the row.

Brown’s victim reported the incident the following day, and Brown was eventually arrested on September 7.

Brown pleaded guilty to the offences in July. Her defence solicitor, Tom Brown, said there was “background here, certainly” but insisted she had largely stayed out of trouble since 2007.

He continued: “She understands it’s a serious matter. She is getting assistance from Goldenhill Resource Centre and that has kept her out of trouble. I think that’s the most important thing.”

Sheriff Maxwell Hendry said: “When someone arms themselves with a knife and causes injury, then they’re immediately a candidate for a prison sentence.

“I’m persuaded there’s an alternative.”

Brown was ordered to do 200 hours of unpaid work within nine months and will be under social work supervision for 18 months.