A YOKER actor is celebrating viral success after his comedy sketch about a trip to the shop was viewed more than 64,000 times.

Joe Proctor stars in the 2 minutes 33 second video which tells the tale of a young lad who makes the innocent error of declining a bag when buying toilet roll.

What ensues is the hilarious journey Joe makes from the shop back to his house in fear others will make fun of him for his purchase.

But the 27-year-old wasn’t expecting the skit to be such a viral success.

He told the Post: “I had went out to go to shop and get toilet roll and didn’t ask for a bag and that’s how I came up with it. So I thought I could make a wee sketch that could be quite funny.

“I couldn’t believe it got so many views, it’s mental.”

The former Knightswood Secondary pupil said he had hoped the footage – which he created with the help of three pals – would help him land work or an agent. And so far it’s been pretty successful.

Joe has already been contacted to do further sketches and a company has even reached out to him to star in an 80s-themed short film.

He said: “I want to make a couple more – I’ve been jotting some ideas down. It would be great if I could get a pilot episode or something like that.”

The rising star is currently rehearsing for a school tour to teach youngsters about the importance of road safety with Glasgow-based Baldy Bane Theatre Company and he hopes to become a respected actor in the future.

However, it could have turned out much differently for Joe if it was not for one kind mystery woman who saved his life following a vicious attack in Clydebank nine years ago.

The then 18-year-old was walking home from the former Crow Bar on Dumbarton Road when he spotted a group of rowdy boys on the Forth and Clyde Canal Path.

The next thing Joe knew he was waking up in the hospital.

As previously reported in the Post, Joe was brutally beaten and dumped in the canal where he developed hypothermia.

But a mystery saviour covered him up and called the ambulance.

Joe – who achieved his lifelong dream of being on TV when he was cast in the Irn Bru advert for the Commonwealth Games – was then put in an induced coma.

In an appeal to find the Good Samaritan, he told the Post in 2015: “I was later told that the hypothermia meant I was very close to death. I was in the canal, hanging on the the edge.”

Since his appeal, the woman is yet to come forward despite Joe admitting her would love to meet her and thank his “hero” for all she did.

But, as he waits for his saviour to identify herself, Joe will continue to pursue his dream of seeing his name in lights.

To watch his viral sketch, visit youtube.com/watch?v=Ni3d7WDtzQc.