EVEN though it was a midnight league, youngsters still lit up the pitch with some dazzling play in the final session of the latest 10-week run of footie games in Clydebank.

The free and popular league for all young people aged 12 to 21 is a winner for both young lads and lasses keen on a Friday night kickabout.

Since it began in 2010, more than 8,100 young people have taken part across West Dunbartonshire, with that number climbing even more thanks to interest at Clydebank High.

Jo Meiklejohn, youth outreach worker with Working4U who run the sessions for the council, told the Post: “I think it’s the beauty of the midnight league – it welcomes anyone and it’s a semi-professional feel. Parents see it as a good thing but it’s somewhere for young people to go on a Friday evening.

“The midnight league is not about those who can play football and are already part of a youth team.

“It’s about those who aren’t good enough to play for a youth team who would still want a game of football, those who’d rather do something more constructive on a Friday evening that involves their friends, those who’d rather come along than spend the night indoors with Facebook or a games console, those who want to spend time with their friends.”

The next block begins on September 1.