A HORRIFIED homeowner watched as a crook on a Clydebank crime spree reached in through an open window and stole his mobile phone.

Serial thief Patrick Murray stole a car, a mobile phone, a jacket and a host of other items from homes in the area on March 8 this year.

Depute fiscal Emma Thomson told Dumbarton Sheriff Court on July 5, the thief entered a property in Kilbowie’s Clarence Drive where he began his string of thefts.

Ms Thomson said: “At 0.25am the occupier was alone within his bedroom watching TV.

“The bedroom window was slightly ajar and his Samsung phone was on the window ledge and the blinds pulled all the way down.

“He noticed the blinds slightly lifting and a hand appearing under it. He shouted ‘hoy’ and the blind fell back down but the phone was gone.”

He then travelled to nearby Windsor Crescent and entered another property, which had left the front door unlocked in anticipation of the occupier’s child returning home from a night shift.

The occupier’s partner was awoken by noises within the house in the early hours of the morning but “thought nothing of it”.

Ms Thomson continued: “She looked from the window and saw the car being reversed by a male.”

The pair then went downstairs to discover the key and a North Face jacket had been stolen from the property.

When he was caught by police, Murray was wearing the stolen jacket and had the stolen mobile phone. He was also within the stolen car – worth £3,000 – despite being banned from driving from April 2013 to April next year.

He was charged with driving without insurance and while disqualified but he instructed officers he had consumed a large amount of Valium and was rushed to hospital.

Upon his arrival at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital the female doctor, who is originally from Germany but has south Asian heritage, took the 24-year-old’s blood as he screamed “get off of me you f****** c****”, “go back home immigrant” and “I don’t care I’m f****** racist”.

The doctor was upset by Murray’s statements and another doctor dealt with the accused for the remainder of his treatment, the court heard.

Murray also pleaded guilty to the reset of goods – including a Mercedes C Class car, a DKNY handbag and two watches – from a property in Glasgow’s Clarence Drive on October 3, 2015.

The value of those goods totalled almost £15,000, however, most of the items were recovered.

Murray’s solicitor, Ronny Boag, said his client had been subject “custodial sentence after custodial sentence” for most of his life and asked the court to call for reports into Murray’s background ahead of sentencing.

Sheriff Maxwell Hendry said: “A supervised release may be appropriate.”

Sentencing was deferred to July 28 for a criminal justice social work report to be prepared.