A ROADSIDE memorial has been erected in honour of two cyclists who lost their lives on the busy A82.

An all-white bike was attached to a sign post on Great Western Road at the entrance to Dalnottar Cemetery.

Two cyclists, Allan Fleming from Faifley and Allan Smith from Jordanhill, were killed on the busy stretch of road last year.

Mr Smith, 58, died after a Vauxhall Mokka hit him on the slip road to the Erskine Bridge on December 18.

Meanwhile, 48-year-old Mr Fleming was killed after being hit by a lorry on the westbound carriageway of the road between the bridge and Kilbowie Roundabout in September.

The two men were not killed in exactly the same spot, although the sign reads: “Two cyclists were killed here in 2016.”

It is unknown who is behind the memorial but the “ghost” bike is a tradition in the cycling world, often erected as a mark of respect by family, friends or a cycling club when a biker is injured or killed on the road.

Gordon Dick, Lomond Cycling Club chairman, said: “It’s a tradition in cycling. They put up what you call a ghost bike which is just a white bike.

“They are usually just left at the side of the road. You don’t see them as much in this country – it’s mostly a continental thing but certainly we did it in Majorca when one of our cyclists was injured.”

Margaret McKinnon, who travels past the memorial on her leisurely cycle routes, said: “I’m thinking it must be a cyclist or member of the cycling community who did this and that’s lovely."