Yoker Athletic manager Steven Reilly has criticised the way their last league fixture was handled by the SJFA, which saw their opponents get changed three times in three days.

The Whe-Ho were due to face the winner of Wednesday’s tie between Benburb and Lesmahagow on Saturday in the semi-final of the Central League Cup.

Benburb beat Lesmahagow 5-4 on penalties and were set to play the semi-final game on Saturday But The Bens were allowed by the referee to make two substitutions after the full-time whistle, and the two subs scored their first two penalties.

The Gow put in a formal complaint afterwards, and the protest was upheld, with Yoker then set to play Petershill in their last league game.

Benburb then reportedly refused to play the replay, which meant Yoker and Lesmahagow were to play each other in the semi-final But then Lesmahagow and Benburb were ordered to play replay on Monday night, changing the fixture back to Petershill against Yoker, the third change in as many days.

And while not blaming the circumstances of the ever-changing fixture for their relegation, Reilly’s side were not helped with the constant changing of fixtures.

He said: “It’s not sour grapes, we only have ourselves to blame for relegation, but for going forward in this league next year the refereeing standard has to be looked upon. I’m disappointed in the refereeing this season, and I’m sure there will be a lot of managers out there that will agree with me.

“The decisions are costing teams, and it has to be looked upon. Every manager I’ve spoken to has got major issues with the referees. I’m not scared to put it out there but it has to improve, as they’re costing teams like ourselves, teams around us and teams further up the division.

“It’s not just ourselves with the inconsistency and the decision making and the referee who was involved in the Benburb v Lesmahagow has come back to haunt us.

“He’s done that two or three times this season for us and again he’s made another crazy decision, that’s basic – letting two substitutions after the final whistle.

“Everybody knows that’s not part of the rules, and he goes and does it.

“It disrupts our plans as we’re expecting to play Benburb on Saturday, and we get shuffled about and it ends up being Petershill.

“We had two or three guys who were going to be back in time for that, Michael Bailey, Kerr Allen, who are two big parts of our team who would have helped us get something against Petershill, as that would have been our back four back in place.

Yoker Athletic beat Benburb 3-1 on Wednesday night, and will now face Petershill in the final of the competition on Sunday at Somervell Park.