Clydebank under-19s head coach Paul Mooney remained positive after they lost the League Cup Final to Moorlands 3-1.

The young Bankies took the lead via Sean Smith, but Moorlands equalised and eventually went on to lift the trophy.

But Mooney was pleased with his side’s performance despite the loss, as they look to bounce back in their next cup final on Sunday.

Moorlands have won 32 out of their 33 games this season, with their one loss coming against the Bankies opposition in this weekend’s cup final Airdrie United.

They travel to the Excelsior Stadium to face United on Sunday, and the head coach backed his players to shine.

He said: “We’ve had a really good season but we’ve lost games, a lot of the times you come off the pitch and you’ve got that gut feeling in your stomach that you could have done things better. But on Sunday we were disappointed, but I was pleased with the way the team played, we knew the team were playing against had done even better than we had.

“It wasn’t about just keeping the score respectable, we had a gameplan to go out and stifle how they played but use our strengths. There really wasn’t much between the teams at all and I was actually really pleased with how we played.”

Playing on home soil didn’t help Airdrie in last year’s 17s final so they will be looking for that disappointment to spur them on to victory this time around. They currently sit second in the West Lothian league having only dropped four points.

And while Sunday’s experience will be new for most of the Bankie players, their is one who has seen it all before.

Mooney added: “Dan Crawley has been in three cup finals, won it twice and this is fifth year in a row that he’s been in a semi-final or more.

“He’s got load of experience playing at that level, and it will be good to have someone like him in the squad that’s dealt with that side of things before.

“But for everyone else it is a new experience and everyone has been building up to this and kept everyone’s seasons going.

The current Airdrie side lost in las Clydebank’s game against Airdrie kicks off at 11am on Sunday, tickets are £3 for adults, and £1 for children.