YOKER Athletic have bolstered their squads with two new signings.

Attacking midfielder Kurtis Roberts has joined after a few years playing in the USA, and former Goldenhill 21s goalkeeper Marc Wilson also joins the club.

Meanwhile Gareth Watson has also left the club.

The assistant manager is looking forward to what the two new signings will add to the team.

George said: “We identified a while ago we needed another keeper. We drew up a list of names of names and Mark is someone who I know from my time at Goldenhill and someone we can trust with the job and to push Liam [Campbell] on a bit.

“In terms of Kurtis Roberts, that came out of the blue, but he’s someone I’ve known for a number of years but he’s been in America and I didn’t realise he was home, but we’re really happy to get him in and he’ll give us something we don’t already have in terms of the way he plays and the style of play he has. I think he’ll do well.

“He’s only 22, and has a long time ahead of him, it’s someone who we think will come in right away and have an impact.

“With no disrespect to Gareth who we did have, he never seemed confident that he was going to oust Liam, and if he didn’t have that confidence then it makes it difficult for us to have confidence in him.

“Mark is an entirely different proposition in goalkeeping, he’s 6ft5 and fills the goal with his presence, he’s not going to be someone who will be happy sitting on the bench, and it will be up to Liam now if he wants to hold on to that jersey now.”