Clydebank Rugby Club will be trying out something a little different for Rugby Force Day this year.

The Bank usually host their annual 10s tournament at Whitecrook - but after gaining planning permission for their ground to be redeveloped into a community facility, they are currently ‘homeless’.

The idea of Rugby Force Day, which is run by RBS through the SRU, provides money to clubs to improve their own facilities, whether it be fixing the pitch or tidying the facilities up.

But with no current ‘home’ ground, Clydebank will be heading to Bowling beach this Saturday as they attempt to help clean up.

David Miller said: “As we’re currently homeless, nomads as it were, we’ve decided to try something a wee bit different and to try and get involved with the community to give something back.

“Usually we’d be sorting the pitches out, painting the place and doing it up so we can’t do that year.

“We’re going down at 12 on Saturday, clean the place up, and maybe have a bit of beach rugby when we’re finished and hopefully a barbecue as well.

“We’re looking to get into a lot more of these community projects as well, and put ourselves about the town a bit more and to try and help out as much as we can.”