Departing chairman Gordon Robertson said it was the “hardest decision I’ve had to make in my life” after leaving his 14 years in the role with Clydebank to join Kilbirnie Ladeside as an assistant manager.

Robertson will reunite with former Clydebank manager Budgie McGhie, who was announced as Kilbirnie’s manager last week.

And while it was a tough decision to make, Robertson said coaching was always something he got the most enjoyment out of in the sport.

He said: “After I stood down as interim manager I had thought about going then. But I decided I’d wait till the summer and let Kieran get settled in, and wait till the end of the season and then review my position.

“The reason for that, coaching and being involved in the football side of things has always been important to me and been a role I’ve had at the club.

“It has been the hardest decision I’ve had to make in my life. I’ve been a Clydebank supporter almost my entire life, the club’s in my heart but I do have to say that another fact the club is in such a good place."

Coaching has always been something that Robertson has been keen on, having trained for his UEFA B licence and coaching kids in America. 

And when Budgie asked him to join his backroom staff he felt it was too good an opportunity to turn down.

"Before the Bankies started up I was coaching as well part-time with the SFA in Glasgow and gave that up to focus on starting up the Bankies.

"Folk that know me know that’s the side of the side of football that I love the most, the side where you can try and shape teams, and try to improve players and to create an environment that players enjoy so that’s been a big thing for me."

After having been involved with the Bankies as Chairman since the began in the Juniors back in 2003, Robertson was proud of where the Bankies have come since then.

He added: "The most important thing was for us to re-establish the name of Clydebank in Scottish football as a credible club and I think we’ve done that.

People will look at Clydebank and look at how the fans brought them back, and feel really positively about that. That’s a thing that doesn't happen a lot and people shouldn't take for granted.

The fact the club was brought back was not inevitable, it was brought back because of a lot of hardwork.

And making it possible the Bankies could be back in the Senior ranks.

That was a nice thing to be a part of, and to see how the club has become an important part of the community again.

"We have over 100 youth footballers, and you’ll see that kick on even more next season, and when the ground is done you’ll see even bigger crowds at Holm Park.

"The club’s in a positive place and I’m glad to have taken it up until this place."

The former chairman also paid tribute to the fans who have sent him supportive messages since his decision to leave was announced.

“I’ve been touched by the support and the good wishes I’ve received. I do appreciate some people will be a bit upset.

"But I hope they know that in all my years involved all I have ever done is for the best for the club, whether that’s in the boardroom or the dressing room and I hope that everything works out well for the Bankies.

"if I felt the club was being left as a disadvantage then I don’t know if I could have left, even despite my own personal desires to coach. 

"I wouldn’t have ever wanted to do anything to leave the club at a disadvanatage."

The board will meet next week to discuss who will be take over as chairman, with Colin Cameron becoming acting chairman until a decision is made.