by David Brockett

CLYDEBANK manager Kieran McAnespie conceded his side were ‘shown up’ after they went down 3-0 to ten man Maryhill on Saturday.

Despite being down to 10 men for more than an hour, Maryhill battered the Bankies for most of the second half and the former St Johnstone and Fulham man was left despondent.

He said: “It turned out to be the same scenario that we’ve come across in the last couple of weeks. Everything that we said would happen, was happening and the players didn’t take heed.

“They had one chance and scored three goals, I’m just not sure how that is mathematically possible. Obviously three seconds in, Stokesy scores an unbelievable goal.

"For the second though, it all stems from our kick off. It goes into our channel, we give a bad pass back which leads to a corner, and they score from it. The pass back situation for the third was just comical, so it’s a bitter pill to swallow.

“The thing is, we do have a talented bunch of boys and they really want to learn, but ultimately if you’re not doing the things you’re asked to do there are consequences.”

It was his McAnespie’s fifth defeat in seven games since taking the reigns of his first managerial appointment in January, but the 37-year-old insists hopes of promotions are still intact despite the Bankies dropping to seventh in the Super League First Division.

He said: “No, I don’t think it’s over. We’ve still got seven games left and 21 points to play for, so mathematically it’s still achievable. It was far too laboured and pedestrian. When you ask them to things and they just don’t do it, it’s frustrating.

“To a man, they all have a lot of ability, but to a man it’s difficult to say they have the fight and desire. When you see how well they do in the first half at Petershill, and then under pressure, get turned over. It was the same again today – we were so far on top in the first half it’s incredible.

“That takes nothing away from Maryhill – they showed what hard work and desire can bring to a team.”