The organiser of a Bankies football supporters bus has told how a crash the vehicle was involved in on the way home from a match capped off a miserable day.

Fred McCosh and fellow fans on his Caskie Supporters Bus were travelling back from Clydebank’s 3-1 Scottish Cup defeat in Aberdeenshire on Saturday evening when the minor road accident happened between Dundee and Perth.

It is claimed a car was attempting to overtake when it hit water, sending it into a spin and colliding with the bus.

Thankfully, no one was injured but Fred said it followed the theme of the day, after Clydebank’s second-half horror show in Pitmedden during the loss to Formartine United.

He told the Clydebank Post: “It was an absolute p*** day altogether.

“I couldn’t believe how bad Clydebank played and it was very wet and windy.

“Then this happens. A bad day.”

The Bankie followers were stranded for around an hour on the A90 amid fears the bus would be deemed immovable.

But a visit from the local road police and a swap of driver details meant the travelling party could get back on the road towards Clydebank.

Fred added: “Everyone was okay. I checked with the bus company on Monday to find out if the driver was okay and they said he was.

“The main concern was if the bus was going to be fit enough to carry on but the police came and everything was hunky dory.

“The guys got a bit of a scare but that was it.”