TALENTED Clydebank BMX riders went head-to-head with the world’s most elite last week as Glasgow played host to the first-ever UCI Cycling World Championships.

Harrison Bell, Lewis Nimmo-Smith, and Rhys Dougan competed at the BMX World Championships which were held in Knightswood between August 6 and August 13.

The boys are all members of Western Titans BMX Club, based on Onslow Road.

Harrison, who has been riding since the age of five, made it to the quarter-finals of the male 16s category.

The Post caught up with the determined Drumchapel youngster after the event.

Clydebank Post: Harrison Bell, 16, from DrumchapelHarrison Bell, 16, from Drumchapel (Image: Newsquest staff)

Harrison said: “I’ve been racing UCI events since I was seven years old and I’ve been all over the world with it.

“When I heard it [UCI World Championships] was going to be held in my hometown of Glasgow I got really excited and I rode decent so I’m pretty happy.

“I competed in the BMX Championships which was the top 125 fastest people in the world for my age and beat some quick people but I felt I went out a little too early.

“I’ve made it to the quarter-finals before, I’ve made it to the semi-finals before so I was kind of expecting that this time but mistakes happen.

“Top 20 in the world isn’t bad for a lad from Drumchapel.”

Harrison joined Titans BMX at seven years old and described the club as being “like family”.

He added: “After my mum passed away my dad brought me up here for the first time and I fell in love with the sport.

“I’m a bit older now so I try to help the little kids. I was once at their stage and when I first joined everyone helped me out, we’re like a family, so I’m trying to give back.

“I hope to be an athlete after school and no matter whether I am or not I’ll still be at Titans.”

For Lewis and Rhys this was the boys’ first time competing at an international level.

Clydebank Post: Lewis Nimmo-Smith, 14, from DrymenLewis Nimmo-Smith, 14, from Drymen (Image: Newsquest staff)

Looking back on his performance, Lewis, who is from Drymen, explained that it was a “really good experience”.

The 14-year-old said: “This was my first worlds competition and it was a really good experience. I met people from all over the world.

“It was quite a big race but it was also good fun despite me feeling a bit nervous at first. I wasn’t expecting anything but there’s always nerves when you’re waiting at the start line.

“There were three heats then the knockout rounds where the top four riders go through to the finals. I didn’t make it out of the heats.”

Rhys competed in the male 12s category at Knightswood.

Clydebank Post: Rhys Dougan, 12, from DuntocherRhys Dougan, 12, from Duntocher (Image: Newsquest staff)

The Duntocher youngster said: “The experience was good but it was very scary. This was my first UCI event and I got knocked out in the heats as well.

“We’re here [at Titan BMX] a couple of times a week and I’ve been part of the club for three years. It’s really fun and I just love being on wheels.”

The trio spend most of their week training at the Clydebank track which was first established in the 1980s.

Throughout the course of the UCI World Championships, the track played host to teams from around the globe including Australia, France, and Italy.

Kenny Scullion, founder of Titan BMX, described the experience as “mind-blowing” and one that the town may never see again.

He said: “I could greet thinking about it. Last week when I came here there were 150 riders here.

"That is amazing for me as I’ve been here since the beginning and I’d never have thought we’d see the entire Australian national team here in Clydebank, it was absolutely mind-blowing.

“The Italian and French teams also turned up, for a wee place like Clydebank I don’t think we’ll see that again.

“These guys [Harrison, Lewis, and Rhys] are so professional for their age. The kids are really taking off, they’re riding all the time.”