Clydebank’s management team has raised more than £3,000 for a good cause after taking part in a gruelling charity run at the weekend.

Manager Gordon Moffat, assistant boss Gary McMenamin and first-team coach Kirk Forbes, along with player Joe Slattery, all ran four miles every four hours over a 40 hour period, starting at 10pm on Friday and finishing at 10am on Sunday, to raise money for the JMA Trust.

The Bankies boss was influential in setting up the charity after his friend, John Maurice Aitken, passed away in 2014 after suffering from lymphoma and he has since completed a number of fund-raisers for the cause along with a group of friends.

The JMA Trust gives money back to the community including schools, food banks and sports hubs, which can be applied for via a grant.

Moff and his team raised nearly £3,500 with the combined totals of all the other runners taking part bringing the final total towards £30,000.

The 38-year-old was delighted with the money raised for a cause which is close to his heart but admits the punishing schedule did take its toll.

Speaking to the Post, he said: “That’s the fourth challenge I’ve done for it. We’ve made a good bit of money over the years and it’s good seeing it go back out to things that are worthy of it.

“The way the run is set up is to fatigue you mentally as well, because you’re done and then just about ready to go again.

“It was quite heavy duty and the space in between goes very quickly. You feel like you’ve just finished and then you’re away again.

“Sleep was very minimal, I found it quite difficult to switch off in between. I was maybe grabbing the odd hour but it was few and far between.

“The first beer when I finished was pretty good. I think I slept for 13 hours. It was nice!”

Clydebank even got their pre-season training under way on Saturday with a double session that was sandwiched in between two of the group’s runs and Moff was grateful to his squad for cheering them on.

He added: “It meant we lost a bit of our rest period because we did the run and then trained at Victoria Park, got a quick bit of lunch, over to the ground and then we had another run to do before we set up the afternoon session.

“Me and Gary went for a run around Yoker and came back and finished on the pitch and the boys were really encouraging.”

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