Clydebank boss Gordon Moffat admits he’s been left frustrated at the lack of answers from the Scottish FA over when, or whether, football might resume this season – and believes a decision is needed in the coming days on any restart for the 2020-21 campaign.

The game’s governing body had been expected to give clubs below SPFL Championship level an indication on Monday of a potential timeline for training and matches to resume – or whether the season might be cancelled altogether.

All sides below the SPFL Championship have been out of action since January 12, when a suspension of matches and training was brought in due to rising Covid cases.

The situation has been reviewed every three weeks, with clubs hopeful that Monday’s update would provide a definitive answer on whether there was any chance of the season getting finished.

However, the SFA did not provide any clarity on that in their statement on Monday, and the Bankies will have to wait further for government ministers to make a decision.

Bankies haven’t kicked a ball since a 4-1 win over Cumbernauld United at Holm Park on December 29 which kept them top of the West of Scotland Football League’s Premier Division.

Speaking to the Post after Monday’s update, Moffat said: “I think the last statement led you to believe that the March 1 update was going to let you know a decision one way or another, so to get more of the same was disappointing really.

“There’s obviously more important stuff going on in the world, but to kind of be hinted at that you’re going to get the news, and get nothing, is disappointing.

“If the news had been ‘we’re not starting again’, I think everybody would have said ‘OK, fair enough’, but to get nothing is a wee bit tough.

“I think we need a decision very early in March to let us train and play in April, May and potentially June. In my head that’s something that can work.

“We need to know in the first half of this month if we’re back or we’re not.

“If we can start playing games in April, we’d comfortably get to the 50 per cent of games they want played to declare a winner.”

The Scottish FA said in their statement on Monday: “As outlined at the weekend by the national clinical director for Scotland, Professor Jason Leitch, the Scottish FA has been in regular dialogue with the Scottish Government since the temporary suspension of football was implemented on January 12.

“Since then, a series of discussions have taken place via video conference with all leagues affected by the suspension, to establish the measures and protocols under which each might resume their competitions.

“This information has been shared with the Scottish Government and, while it has been positively received, we await a final decision from ministers.”