Clydebank Under-20’s manager Scott Carson wants his young guns to take inspiration from those who have come through the ranks and burst into the first-team.

The likes of Matt McLean, Ben Cameron, Jamie Stevenson and Oisin McHugh have been regulars on the senior team sheet this season after playing for the development side in recent years.

Gordon Moffat’s side currently top the West of Scotland Premier Division and the Bankies boss is keen to get the youngsters involved in training sessions and on a matchday.

Carson believes that getting his squad integrated with the first-team, a common occurrence before restrictions were introduced, will make a massive benefit to their development.

Speaking to the Post, he said: “We’ve been extremely lucky with how Clydebank approach youth football.

“The previous gaffer, Kieran MacAnespie, brought in Matt McLean and Ross Alexander, and I believe Matt is heading to nearly 100 appearances for the first-team.

“We must be into double figures with the amount of players Gordon has taken away and given them a shot in the first-team at playing.

“We would normally train alongside the first-team, and if numbers allow it he’ll bring boys in. I don’t think there’s many who haven’t had the opportunity to train alongside the first-team.

“The intensity they train at is frightening, so we’ve got to move with the times and do what they’re doing. If they are having success, then it’s only natural for the club to look for the 20s to have success as well.”

Carson’s side recently suffered the disappointment of being told their debut campaign in the Lowland Development League would not kick off due to the pandemic.

The season had been delayed on a number of occasions before league officials made the decision earlier this month to call it off completely but clubs will be allowed to take part in non-competitive games if restrictions are lifted, and Carson plans on keeping his troops ticking over.

He explained: “We have got the carrot dangling for friendlies if the figures go down and the Scottish Government allow us so it gives us some hope that the boys will kick a ball.

“We’ve set out training schedules for the boys on a Tuesday and a Thursday night then a walk or something at the weekend. The boys are responding really well to it.

“It’s a difficult time for 20-year-old’s, and even younger, but they seem to be keeping motivated so that’s very pleasing. If they are doing that they’re not only helping themselves stay fit but it’ll help with the mental health issues that are being brought up as well during this pandemic.

“As much as it’s disappointing, it is good we’ve got another season with the lads and hopefully some friendlies at some point and then further down the line we can get fans in.”