Clydebank chair Grace McGibbon has hailed the club’s supporters for their continued backing during the current football suspension.

All football below Championship level is currently on pause as the country remains in lockdown.

A statement from the Scottish FA this week confirmed that the suspension would be extended until at least Sunday, February 14, with a further update to come four days prior.

Hosting games with no supporters in attendance has allowed the Bankies to launch their own streaming service with fans able to choose how much they donate towards the club.

The ‘Donate A Ticket’ campaign has raised more than £4,200 for the club since launch, and McGibbon has revealed that the goodwill contributions of the Bankies faithful has continued over recent weeks.

She told the Post: “The live streaming we’ve been doing has been brilliant with the quality of production.

“It was something that wasn’t even on our radar six months ago. We just picked up that other clubs were doing and we thought ‘let’s see if we can get on this’. It’s something we can give back to the fans.

“The bizarre thing with ‘Donate A Ticket’ is that people are still donating even though there’s been no games broadcast.

“The feedback is second to none so the plan is to continue with it.

“In the meantime, fans have been so proactive and supporting us through that, the Donate-A-Ticket and the Last Man Standing, especially at this time when we’re applying for the license and in a season where your income is zero from week to week.

“Getting the money together to progress with the groundwork and documentation for the licence has become even more important for the club in the long term.

“Initially we thought it would be just a short term thing to get us through this season but it’s been so beneficial to have that extra cashflow coming in so, we’re very grateful to the supporters.”

McGibbon also confirmed that boss Gordon Moffat has not yet appeared in front of an SFA disciplinary panel.

The Bankies boss and assistant Gary McMenamin were both sent off against Rossvale in December and notices of complaint were put in by the match official under rule 203, which states that “no member of team staff shall commit misconduct at a match”.

But McGibbon admitted she was left with mixed feelings after McMenamin’s hearing.

“Gary’s went ahead on the date that was scheduled,” she said. “He got a two-match ban, which is the minimum that you can get under that ruling, so I wouldn’t like to say we were happy with it, but we had to accept it.

“Moff’s has been deferred to February 11, and we’ll have to wait and see.”