CLYDEBANK manager Gordon Moffat believes his relationship with new signing Liam McGonigle was key to attracting the highly rated winger to Holm Park.

McGonigle - one of five players to have joined the club this summer from Rossvale, where Moffat was boss before his move to the Bankies - turned down a number of offers to join up once again with his former gaffer.

Also reuniting with Moff are Frazer Johnstone, Matt Niven, Joe Slattery and Jamie Donnelly – and the Bankies boss has given the Post the lowdown on his summer signings.

He said: “It’s safe to say Liam was in high demand over the summer.

“I think we managed to get him based on the relationship that myself and the backroom team had with him and we were lucky enough to get him.

“He’s got a wee something different about him. He’s a wide player that scores goals, has assists, good set play delivery, likes to link up, and I think he’s one the fans will be excited to see in action.

“Frazer probably doesn’t give himself enough credit because he’s very good technically.

“He comes and gets the ball off the goalkeeper or back four and gets us moving forward quickly so I’m looking forward to getting him slotted in.

“Most people look at Matt and will think that because he’s a centre-half and he’s a giant, you kind of know what he’s going to be like – but people will be pleasantly surprised when they see Matt actually play.

“He’s really good with his feet, and likes to get on the ball and play the right way. He ticks a lot of boxes for us so we’re glad to get the big man on board.

“I brought Joe to Rob Roy when I was assistant there and then signed him for Rossvale and now Clydebank.

“He’s similar in some ways to Frazer, in that he’s very technical and a good athlete and always wants to take the ball in tight situations.

“He’s probably more of a forward thinking player than Frazer. He can play in the deeper role and also out wide or in the number 10 so he gives us a good bit of flexibility.”

The 37-year-old added that nothing should be made of him bringing in a number of players from his former side, and hopes that the fact he knows his new signings and they know each other will make for a seamless transition.

He said: “There was a bit made of signing five players from one team, but it wasn’t really about that. It was about dropping guys into key positions.

“It was about getting the right players. It so happens that five of them came from the same team, but that helps me, because it’s guys who already know how I work and what’s going to be expected.

“There’s going to be no real transition other than coming to a new club with new fans and new expectations, but in terms of me and the backroom, it should be a pretty quick click.”