YOKER Athletic co-manager Peter McKenna has reiterated that he won’t rush his players back to training ahead of next season.

West of Scotland League bosses have told clubs once more that sessions should not be taking place after murmurs that sides had been meeting up in defiance of social distancing restrictions.

But McKenna admits he doesn’t see the point in bringing his squad back in at the moment and is continuing to follow advice ahead of a pencilled in late September or early October start.

He told the Post: “We know there’s teams out there that are training a wee bit and doing a bit of cheating, but we feel that there’s no use in bringing them back too early and then they get scunnered because we don’t know when the league’s going to start.

“If you’re training and training, and there’s nothing at the end of it, then they’ll just get frustrated, so we’re trying to work out a happy medium of when we’re going to get back and how we’re going to go about it.

“There’s no use in bringing the boys back training three nights a week and the league doesn’t start until October or November, so it’s just trying to find that balance just now.

“We’ll need to see if we’re going to do three nights, two nights or just one and let them do other stuff themselves.

“It depends on if we’ve to do it in small groups and things as well so we’re just waiting for the government to tell us how we’ve to go about it.”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced last week that the Scottish Government was “not yet able” to give a specific date for the resumption of non-professional adult outdoor contact sports, but said it should be “assumed at this stage” that the go-ahead would not be given for a restart before July 31.