Clydebank FC chairman Grace McGibbon has reassured Bankies fans that the club are in a strong financial position as they prepare for a future impacted severely by the coronavirus crisis.

The Scottish Junior Football Association, in line with both the Scottish FA and the SPFL, confirmed last week that they had extended their initial suspension of all footballing activity from April 3 to April 30 in order to limit the spread of Covid-19.

With clubs across the country relying on week-to-week gate receipts in order to survive, a number of teams, both in the senior game and at junior level, have expressed concerns about balancing the books with little or no source of income for the foreseeable future.

And while McGibbon concedes it is a difficult time for clubs at all levels, she has moved to alleviate any fears Clydebank fans may have.

Speaking exclusively to Post Sport, she said: “This is obviously a difficult situation, not just for us but for all clubs.

“We’re in a slightly more fortunate position than a lot of clubs at this level in that we have played 99 per cent of matches this season. We only had two away games still to play so, as much as the postponement and indefinite suspension is disappointing for the players, the fans, the management team and myself, we are in a good position.

“From purely a technical point of view and a financial point of view, this is not a disaster for Clydebank. 

“It could hit us more as time goes on, but, for the time being at least, we are in a strong position.”

One cause for concern, McGibbon admits, however, was the indefinite postponement of the club’s money-spinning annual sporting dinner, as well as the uncertainty of Bankies’ kit and match day sponsors - both local businesses.

She added: “We did unfortunately have to cancel our annual sporting dinner – our biggest fundraiser of the season. That’s large sum of money that we’ve lost out on. 

“We will reschedule that, but who knows when that may be. 

“The sponsors we had in place for the beginning of next season may be a different financial position themselves now which, in turn, could impact us. 

“The majority of our sponsors are small, local business who will be hit by this. I don’t know how the current situation is affecting them right now or even further down the line. As hard as it is for us, it’s much harder and more difficult for the local business.”

With the likes of Hearts, Dumbarton and Montrose revealing players and management have agreed to significant wage cuts across the board, McGibbon revealed that she, along with the Bankies board, have already asked Gordon Moffat and his players to accept a similar offer.

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She added: “As a football club, we will rally together and survive. We have the backing of the players and all the management team. 

“There are lots of clubs out there being proactive in dealing with this. The fact that Hearts, in the Premiership, made it public was massive. That was big of them to come out and announce that - hats off to them for doing that. 

“We have had those conversations ourselves and have made an offer to the players to take a cut.

“I can’t go into the specifics, but, going forward, we won’t be in a position to offer full wages. The players all understand that and I’m expecting them to accept the offer.”

With ongoing debates across all levels about how respective league seasons should end, McGibbon was reluctant to throw her opinion into the mix, instead empathising with those who will have to eventually make those tough decisions.

“I think it’s a very difficult decision to make and one I’m not envious of at all,” she added. “It will be a brave decision either way. I can understand both sides of the argument, but, at the end of the day, public healthy and safety has to come first. If that means that the leagues all have to made null and void, then we would back that decision.

“Unfortunately, there’s consequences to that at all levels. At our level in particular, whoever wins the Scottish Junior Cup is invited to take part in next season’s senior Scottish Cup. That is a massive financial boost for whatever club gets that place. As it stands, though, we’re not even at the semi-final stage. I know Clydebank aren’t involved now but it still needs to be considered when making any decision about finishing the season.

“If Liverpool, for example, can go this far in the season and potentially not win their league then I’m pretty sure the same will happen across grassroots football. 

“It’s a horrible situation, but we as a club would back any decision made in the interest of the public’s healthy and safety.

“Ideally, we would all meet as junior clubs but it’s difficult at the moment for obvious reasons. Whether they sort out a meeting via email or video call, they will have to have a vote between the respective boards and committees at each junior club and take it from there.

“That will all ultimately be governed by the SFA, however.”

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