Nicky Little broke the Clydebank goal scoring record in the junior era last week with a double against Auchinleck Talbot before immediately setting his sights on hitting the 100 mark.

Bankies legend Mark Hailstones had held the club record since 2013 with 65 goals from 307 appearances but Little made light work of that tally with an incredible ratio of 67 goals from just 96 Bankies appearances over three seasons.

Little continued to add to his new record at the weekend with a sublime 25-yard lob in the 3-1 win over Renfrew at Lochburn Park bringing about his 68th goal from just 97 matches.

Not content to stand still and accept the plaudits, however, Little revealed he set himself new targets just moments after breaking the record.

Clydebank Post: Little breaks the record with a composed spot-kick against Auchinleck Talbot (Photo: Stevie Doogan)Little breaks the record with a composed spot-kick against Auchinleck Talbot (Photo: Stevie Doogan)

“I’m delighted to finally break it,” he told Post Sport. “It’s a good feeling to finally get it over the line. Sometimes when you’re near a record like that it can drag on a little bit but it’s a good personal achievement - I’m glad to finally break it and I can just kick on now.

“I tied the record a couple of weeks ago with a penalty against Cumnock and I got another penalty against Talbot last week to break it. It’s a great achievement so I’m just very proud.

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“However, I am definitely now looking toward the 100 goal mark. I’m currently sitting on 26 for the season now with five games left so 30 goals in a season would be a brilliant achievement too. That’s my goal in the remaining matches then next season I can kick on and start to take a serious look at hitting the 100 mark.”

Having already broken the goals in a season total of 21, held by himself, Little is making a habit of breaking records in his second spell at the club after spending last season with Pollok.

However, he laughed off any notion of being branded a club legend.

He said: “I’ve already broken the goals in a season record at the club which was my initial goal when I came back to Clydebank from Pollok last summer. I did enjoy my time with Pollok but I stalled a bit in terms of goals with just the seven from 34 matches.

Clydebank Post: The 27-year-old hit the 50 mark earlier this season and suitably celebrated (Photo: Stevie Doogan)The 27-year-old hit the 50 mark earlier this season and suitably celebrated (Photo: Stevie Doogan)

“When I came back to Clydebank, the first thing on my mind was that goals in a season record. I hit 21 in my first two seasons at Clydebank and I knew I shared that record with Darian McKinnon so I was delighted to get that 22nd goal a couple of weeks ago. I’m now currently on 26 for the season with a good number of matches left, hopefully I’ll be able to hit the 30 mark.

“I hadn’t actually thought much about the main goal scoring record when I re-signed in the summer. It was only when I started banging them in and people started talking and telling me that the record was getting close that I began to take notice of it.

“But I don’t know about being branded a club legend, that’s really not for me to say. Of course it is good to break these records and start setting new records of my own that are hopefully long-standing but as I said it’s not for me to say.

“It is a team game at the end of the day, though, so I need to thank my teammates. They’ve been incredible this season - I’ve been in the right place at the right time for a lot of my goals over the course of the year.”

Clydebank Post: The first of Little's 68 Bankies goals came against Yoker back in 2015 (Photo: Stevie Doogan)The first of Little's 68 Bankies goals came against Yoker back in 2015 (Photo: Stevie Doogan)

Away from breaking records and setting new ones with every goal, Little took a moment to reflect on a positive season for the club as well as looking at Clydebank’s exciting future.

He added: “It really is a great time to be a Bankie at the moment.

“With the new stadium about to be completed, the team playing well under Kieran McAnespie every week and with the academy doing really well, it’s an exciting time for the club and definitely a new dawn here. There’s a lot going on in the background too, so overall it is a very positive time for the club - the only way is up.

“Looking at our season, it’s been a good one overall.

“But at the same time I do think it could have been a bit better. We’ve reached two quarter-finals in the cups and it looks like we’re going to finish in the top half of the table. If someone had offered us that at the start of the season then we’d definitely have bitten their hand off.

“But once you do start well, put a good number of points on the board early on and do well in the cups then you want to continue that kind of form and go on and win things. It wasn’t to be in the cups but there was progress there.

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“We’ve got a lot of ambitious players in this team so we’re all wanting to improve. It has been a good season for us when you take everything into account but there’s still room for improvement and that’s what we’ll all be striving for next season and beyond.”

Little will be looking to add to his goals in a season record in Clydebank’s final five matches - including a double- header against former side Pollok, the first of which takes place tomorrow at Lochburn Park. Kick-off 2pm.