Clydebank wrestler Aaron Echo admits he can’t wait to get in the ring and wrestle with his best mate in front of thousands of people this weekend as part of Insane Championship Wrestling’s Fear and Loathing show.

Echo, real name Euan Cuthbert, will face off against real-life best bud and WWE star Kenny Williams at The SSE Hydro this Sunday as ICW takes over Scotland’s biggest entertainment venue for the third year in a row.

But despite getting along just fine outside of the ring, Echo and Williams’ heated rivalry will come to a head after the Clydebank grappler was turned on by Williams in April.

Last year at Fear and Loathing, Echo was part of a multi-man ladder match and is pleased to have the chance to show off his skills in a singles match this year.

He said: “I’m looking forward to it. Outwith the wrestling world, me and Kenny are best mates so it’s good to have that chance to work with him in this dynamic instead of being in a team.

“It’s the biggest show of the year so it’s nice to work with someone you know. It makes it a bit easier and settles your nerves slightly.

“It’s good to be in a singles match as it allows you to showcase your talents, but regardless of the type of match, it’s just good to be on these shows.”

The 27-year-old had always dreamt of being a wrestler but actually only stepped into the ring for the first time just five years ago at the Premier British Wrestling training academy in Barrhead after being inspired by a documentary about now WWE commentator Nigel McGuinness.

One year later, the former Clydebank High pupil made his debut at PBW’s Academy Attack show, ironically in a match with Williams, but revealed that his first match didn’t go exactly to plan.

“I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was two,” Echo said. “Hulk Hogan was the main man when I first started but then you had guys like The Rock, Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels as well.

“It was all the fan favourites I liked - they’re the ones who drag you in to it.

“My friends used to love it too but they grew out of it. It’s always been a constant for me, though. I’ve always watched and kept up to date with it. It’s always been one of my passions.

“I never really knew what to expect when I first went to training. Some of the guys I knew had started a bit younger than I did but I didn’t want to look back when I was in my 30s and think ‘what if’ or ‘why didn’t I do that’.

“It really was a case of now or never.

“I watched a documentary about an English independent wrestler who wrestled in America called Nigel McGuinness, who’s now a commentator with WWE on their NXT brand.

“That documentary made me realise that if you have a passion, then pursue it because you never know when it could all be taken away from you.

“I actually perforated my ear drum in my first match. That’s all I can really remember.

“It was a tag match - me and Davey Blaze against Ace Anderson and Kenny Williams. I think it was Kenny who burst my ear drum.

“But things started picking up for me after that and I got busier and busier and began getting booked for shows and things.”

With independent wrestling on the rise in the UK and Scotland, more and more opportunities are popping up with World of Sport making a return to mainstream television earlier this year on STV and even the WWE launching their own United Kingdom title and brand.

The possibility of making it as a full-time wrestler is more attainable than ever before in the the UK and is something which interests Echo, but he admits he already accomplished his main goal when he first started wrestling all those years ago.

He said: “Ever since I was a boy I’ve wanted to be a wrestler and I’ve managed to do it.

“Whatever happens from now until the day I hang up the boots, I know I’ve achieved what I’ve set out to do.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to be part of NXT UK and be a full-time wrestler but the fact I’ve set out to do what I wanted to is enough for me.”

Ahead of the show at the Hydro, Echo has urged everyone to give it a chance and firmly believes that there’s something to interest even the most sceptical.

He said: “It’s the best entertainment you’ll find in Glasgow, if not Scotland.

“There’s a reason ICW have sold out the O2 ABC, The Barrowlands and The SECC.

“It’s entertainment that you can enjoy even if you’re not a wrestling fan. You’ve got comedy with the likes of Grado, athleticism, storylines and just great wrestling. There’s something for everyone.”

ICW’s Fear and Loathing XI takes place at the SSE Hydro on Sunday December 2 with tickets available on Ticketmaster.