CLYDEBANK are to apply for entry to the East of Scotland League for 2019/20, after United Clydebank Supporters trust members voted heavily in favour of the decision on Sunday.

The trust’s board brought forward the proposal at Clydebank Bowling Club after board members unanimously agreed it would favour the East league, rather than the South league, in the SFA pyramid system – the only two viable options currently available.

The reason to defer entry for a year is because the redevelopment of Holm Park will need to be completed before entry into these leagues, which members were told on Sunday was likely to happen towards the end of the summer.

It’s another big step forward for the club after deciding to leave the junior leagues to return to senior football.

But, while there is currently no west league in the SFA pyramid, Clydebank director Frank Hotchkiss suggested he would be “surprised” if there was no new west league – which they would then favour over a move to the East region – in place by 2019-20.

He said: “There was a really good turnout in members. We got a ground update from Stuart Kelly, which was that it was going to planning now, and we’re hopeful we can start work on it towards the tail end of the summer.

“I went through all the options for the leagues. We decided that because of the ground situation we can’t apply to be in a league for 2018/19, because the ground works are probably going to happen for the first three months of the season or thereabouts.

“But we’re going to be applying to the East of Scotland League for deferred entry for the 2019/20 season.

“We also realise this is a situation that is likely to change during the season. I would be surprised that at the start of the season 2019/20 there isn’t a West of Scotland league in some shape or form at tier six with us in it. It’s something we will be actively pursuing over the next year.

“We’ve been given indications an application, if supported by enough teams, is likely to be successful.”