Clydebank’s all-time record appearance holder Jim Fallon was delighted with the club’s decision to seek a return to senior football.

The Bankies look to exit the juniors after 15 years, with the UCS trust members voted in favour of applying to join a league within the Scottish FA pyramid.

It won’t be easy, but Fallon, who made 772 appearances for the Bankies from 1968-1988, says it’s a real show of ambition by the club.

He said: “ It’s very significant, they now have an avenue to get into the leagues so they should go for it.

“The present team has a long journey, and nobody should expect they’re going to be in the top league in one or two years time.

“But there’s an ambition to get there which is great, because there’s been very little ambition in the past apart from being in the junior leagues, so now they’re heading for the senior leagues and it’s given them an avenue which is brilliant.

“It’s the smart way to go if you’ve got any ambition.

“It is a long road, I don’t think they should underestimate that. Not only that but you’ve got to be successful at every road you go into.”

When Fallon first started out at the Bankies, they were in the Second Division, and were not successful until several seasons after.

But it created a lot of fond memories from his playing days, and he still regularly meets up with his ex teammates.

He added: “It was one of these clubs that you can’t leave behind unfortunately. My playing days were brilliant. I regularly meet with Gerry McLaughlin, Gerry O’Brien, I see big Jim Gallacher and Tony Gervaise every week, the Bankies have given me lots of friends through football.

“But we have regular meetings shall we say with Mr [Dougie] Hay when he comes home from Australia, Alan Munro, Ian Law, Tony the physio, Bill Munro the ex-manager, Blair Millar. Lots of guys who played for the Bankies.

“Definitely getting to the Premier League was a stand-out, the four games against Rangers were brilliant.

“But going into the Premier League twice was a highlight, we had just great players, great guys who we all keep an association with. Nobody is forgotten.

“We meet once or twice a year, and these were the major highlights for me.”