The United Clydebank Supporter’s Trust board members met yesterday to draft up Clydebank FC’s options, after announcing last week they would seek a return to senior football.

The UCS, the fan-owned group who own the club, held a ballot earlier this month with its members voting heavily in favour of the move, the Bankies announced in a statement last Wednesday.

There was an 82 per cent turnout with 86 per cent of those trust members voting in favour of a move to join the Scottish FA pyramid.

The board will now discuss the various options available to the Bankies as they look to exit junior football, and will then call for a meeting later this month with its trust members.

The current options for the Bankies are to either join the East of Scotland League or the South of Scotland League, both one tier below the Lowland League.

The deadlines for applying for membership in those leagues is March 31 and April 30 respectively.

And with that taken into consideration, the board will look at proposals about which league to apply to, when to apply, and to provide its members with as much information as possible.

But club director Frank Hotchkiss, who has been charged with leading discussions on behalf of the board to look at a return to senior football, stressed it would not be making any hasty or rash decisions, and would take into consideration what its members views were.

He said: “I don’t want to rule anything out, because it is the UCS members that will decide that.

“At our board meeting we’ll probably be putting a proposal together, about when we should be applying, which league we should be applying to.

“We want to get as much information together as possible for the supporters and I imagine putting a proposal to them at the meeting later this month.

“I wouldn’t want to preempt that what in terms of what that will be.

“It doesn’t mean we’ll be in the pyramid system this August, nor that we rule that out. We’ll take that decision in the meeting.

“We’ve got the added factor of the ground redevelopment coming up which is really welcome, but as you’ll know it’s a three-way thing between ourselves, Yoker and the council.

“The ground has been one of the things previously that has been holding us back in terms of going into the pyramid system.

“We’ll be discussing when the right time is for us to apply, whether we should wait till the groundworks have at least started to make an application, and I think that will be one of the considerations.

“Our board is meeting on Wednesday and we’ll decide when the meeting is, but I imagine it will be towards the end of March, but definitely before the end of March.”

And after early discussions with representatives of those leagues, Hotchkiss is confident they would be accepted to either if they should apply.

He added: “I contacted the East of Scotland League and the South of Scotland League, spoken to people there, and gone along to meet some of them, and get a feel for first of all whether we’re likely or not to be accepted by them.

“It’s obviously one thing applying for them, but the member clubs have to vote for us.

“While there are some attractions to having Clydebank in the league in terms of the prestige of the name, the support base we have, there’s also the drawback that we’re to the west of Glasgow, and geographically most clubs in those leagues are much further away.

“The East and South representatives I’ve spoken to have been very welcoming, and I believe any application to either league would be successful.”