Clydebank manager Kieran McAnespie has slammed the “shambolic” organisation of the Sectional League Cup final by the West Region SJFA.

The match was originally meant to take place on Friday night on October 6 at New Tinto Park in Govan but is set to take place next Sunday.

The Clydebank manager was also unaware of the circumstances until the Post explained it to him.

Doubts were raised doubts over the suitability of the ground to hold enough supporters.

It was then postponed by the West Region SJFA after Police Scotland raised concerns about the potential size of the attendance and venue.

Now the fixture has been re-arranged to next weekend on Sunday, November 5 at Somervell Park in Cambuslang.

But this weekend there are Scottish Junior Cup fixtures, and if either Clydebank or Pollok are forced into replays, or there are fixture postponements, the Scottish Junior Cup fixture will take priority over the Sectional League Cup final and that will have to be rescheduled again with only one week’s notice.

McAnespie said: “It’s shambolic. It’s beggar’s belief that they organise a competition and don’t have an end date for it, it’s absolutely baffling.

“It’s the same every year. Unfortunately the powers that be are the powers that be.

“I don’t know what to say. You plan for it then there’s the possibility it gets cancelled again because of the Scottish Cup.

“It’s a nonsense. I need to be diplomatic in how I say things but it’s not a good place to be in and the [junior] game is getting a very bad reputation because of it.”

Tom Johnston, the general secretary for the SJFA said it was a point that had been highlighted to the West Region officials.

When asked if it was something he had raised concerns about, he said: “It’s an obvious one isn’t it.

“There could be replays in the Scottish, there could be postponements, if there are any replays they will take precedence I can tell you that.

“Once you get into the Scottish Cup you can go two or three weeks [with fixtures running on].

“It would have been more ideal now if it had been played by now but circumstances for whatever reason didn’t allow that.”

The West Region weighed up the possibility, but hoped Clydebank and Pollok would get through their ties with no hassle.

Matt Bamford, the president of the West Region SJFA and also Clydebank’s match secretary said: “That’s what we had a look at.

“Pollok are playing Royal Albert who are three divisions below them and Clydebank are away to Kennoway Star Hearts.

“We’re not expecting replays, but that might change.

“We obviously got a month’s notice this time before the tie was scheduled, and if the tie does get changed we’ll be pushing the secretary again to make sure it gives everybody a chance to get organised.”

But the Clydebank manager was left far for impressed with the organisation, with the West Region being criticised for a number of years regarding the way it works its fixtures.

This year was the first time clubs got given fixtures for more than a quarter of a season, with ties between clubs often not being organised till the week or two before in previous seasons.

McAnespie said: “It’s a shambles, even the league.

“The fact we’ve got a fixture list is remarkable, however that unfortunately right now is the way it is.

“And that won’t change until some people stand up.

“We’re just grateful we have fixtures just planned a couple of months in advance, it should not be like that at all.

“You should be given a full fixture list before the season, get your sponsorship in and start the season.

“You live your season week by week and see how it’s going to pan out.”

As well as the clubs being affected, he also highlighted the negative impact it can have on supporters as well as the players.

He said: “It’s about our club’s planning, it’s about people taking time off work for the games, or they need to take a Sunday shift off work.

“That’s the thing, it’s costing people money not knowing.

“People take time off, planning buses, planning ahead, what if you book a room, if Pollok and us both book venues for a meal or whatever and you have to put a deposit down and the next thing you know it’ll be cancelled.”