Clydebank’s promotion last year was cause for celebration across the board, except for midfielder Johnny Allan.

The 24-year-old refused to join in the party after being ruled out injured for the whole of last season.

The former Morton academy player found it tough watching from the sidelines each week, after not kicking a ball in the Bankies promotion season.

Allan said: “I said to my dad about not going [to watch Clydebank play] as it was frustrating watching [and not playing] but once he kept saying to me look keep watching, stay involved.

“So I kept going and it still made you feel a part of it even though I wasn’t playing or contributing, I was still signed with the club so I still wanted to be there.

“When they got promoted, everyone was jumping around the changing rooms and stuff and I didn’t want to join in, and I didn’t join in.

“I just sat and watched. Everybody was asking me why? I never played any games, I never contributed to the team so I don’t feel like I’ve earned it, but obviously it was great to see the boys go up.”

After 16 months without competitive football due to his groin injury, Osteitis Pubis, a chronic groin pain stemming from overuse of the muscles, with pain spreading up to your stomach.

Allan was left wondering whether it was all worth making a return to football last year, after a 16-month gap between competitive fixtures for the defensive midfielder.

He exhausted every option as he searched for an answer, getting injections, seeing various specialists at Ross Hall and Hampden, but to no avail.

But after taking up Crossfit, Allan was able to strengthen his groin muscles, and the former Morton academy product is reaping the benefits from his labours.

He was rested at the weekend after picking up an unrelated foot injury, but admits it was a tough year out.

He added: “ I tried everything for it but nothing seemed to work for it.

“When you go to all these places you expect them to fix it and I was expecting to get an operation but I never got one, and they couldn’t do anything for that.

“When I had the injections Ii got back for five games last summer, I was out for a year, and I got back for five games and once the injections had worn off I was just back to square one.

“Sitting on the side and watching us when we were doing well and then missing out in the last few games was tough.

“You want to be playing in those games and not be sitting watching all the time.”

When there was a change of manager Allan was more fearful of his position than the other in the squad, with manager Kieran McAnespie never having seen him play before.

But backing from former chairman Gordon Robertson helped keep him involved in the squad. He re-signied him at the end of the summer after playing in the League Cup.

He said: “When Kieran came in I thought that was it, he might bring in his own guys and that would be me.

“ Jammy [Robertson] had spoken to them and vouched for me, which I really appreciate it.

“They came in they said look, take your time and you can come back next year we still want you there.

“It was brilliant for them to do that having never seen me play, they still wanted me to have a look at me before they’d said yes or no.

“Especially when from my point of view when I’d been injured for so long and said to me that they wanted me here, it gave me something to aim for.”

It caps off a brilliant summer for the 24-year-old, after getting married in the summer.

And he hopes the results finally start falling for the Bankies, if they can cut out the errors.

He added: “Apart from a few games we’ve been really good, we’re in the final of the Sectional Cup.

“Sometimes we’ve lost a few silly goals that have cost us, like when we were 2-1 up against Kilwinning and they brought it back and it’s cost us.

“We’ve just switched off for a while and the same with Kilbirnie.”