Drumchapel Table Tennis Club’s sides were busy across the country last weekend, as the second weekend of the British League got under way.

The team of Calum Main, Sepehr Bidari, Yaser Razouk and Keir Morton headed down to Nottingham, playing in the Championship Division.

The side started off in good form defeating Ormesby II 5-3 with two2 wins from Yaser and one each from Calum, Sepehr and Keir.

Their second match was against Nottingham Sycamore 1 but the side were beaten 7-1 by a strong team with Sepehr picking up a good win against John Taylor 3-1.

The teams third match of the weekend was against London Academy 1 where they were defeated 6-2 with a win for Yaser aganst Gabriel Achampong 3-1 and a win from Sepehr against Adeoye Adewale 3-2.

In their final match they played Kingfisher I and also lost 6-2 but with Keir picking up two good wins defeating top English Women’s player Maria Tsaptsinos 3-2 and Jamie Liu 3-1.

The team of Thomas Cairns, Lucy Elliott, Zaid Khalid and Alisa Khalid headed to Halton to play in the first weekend of British League National B-1 Division.

The side’s first match was against Swerve II, who proved too strong defeating the team 9-0.

The team bounced back with a good win over Ormesby III 7-2 with two wins each from Zaid, Thomas, Lucy and with Thomas and Lucy teaming up in the doubles match.

Their next match was against Halton III where the side lost 7-2 but with two wins from Zaid defeating Ryan Lunn 3-2 and Antony Whelan 3-1.

In the last match of the weekend, the team played XLNT Draycott II.

The team also lost 7-2 with again two good wins from Zaid against Jody Bevington 3-1 and Adam Feargrieve 3-2.

Drumchapel also had sides playing across the various West of Scotland Leagues.

In the first division, Drumchapel B headed to Glasgow South to take on their C Team.

The team of Charlie, David and Terry showed their skill and experience in defeating the home team 9-0.

This week the side will take on South Ayrshire A away.

Drumchapel A continued their winning form defeating Uddingston 9-0. The team of Zaid, Alisa and Thomas were able to win the game by only dropping two sets.

There match this week is against Brunswick A at home.

In the third division, Drumchapel D Juniors took on Maccabi B.

The team of Fergus, Rayyan and Elliott defeated their opponents 8-1.

There next match is against Parklands. Drumchapel C also continued their winning form by defeating Kilwinning.

The team of Wiktoria, Adam and Catherine won 7-2 with 3 wins each from Wiktoria and Adam. There next match is against Brunswick C at home.