Clydebank powerlifter Michelle Brand won the European Masters Championship in the Czech Republic last month.

Brand was ranked third heading into the competition, but managed to rise above her competitors on the day.

After taking a slightly cautious approach in her squats and bench press, she secured gold in both lifts.

And despite picking up bronze in the deadlift, her most difficult lift, it was enough to take home gold for the 84kg category.

She is now getting ready for the (IPF) International Powerlifting Federation’s World Masters Powerlifting Championships in Sweden in October.

With training now under way for the next competition, she was still on cloud nine after her success in Pilsen.

Brand said: “ I am still absolutely buzzing from my success at the Europeans.

“Our GB Masters Team are just amazing and to be lifting as part of this team with so many great lifters that I’ve admired and looked up to for years is such an honour.

“Our team support is second to none and we all muck in and help each other which is invaluable on the day.

“Apart from winning, my main objective was firstly to total and secure points for Team GB, but secondly I wanted to get my squat back up as it had dipped last year and was not great at all.”

First up for Brand was her squat. She resisted the temptation to increase my squat opener when we saw what her Finnish rival was opening on, and instead her team dropped it slightly and opened on a 150 kg squat, knowing that she could comfortably lift 160kg in the next round, and secured gold in the progress.

Next up was bench press, but because of dehydrating earlier in the day to make the weight, Brand found this lift tougher than the rest.

She only attempted two lifts, but her 107.5kg on her last bench press was enough to take him gold for the bench press.

Finally it was deadlifts, and although she was in a strong position, and due to previous injuries the event has never been Brand’s strong suit.

She added: “I’ve been unfortunate to be unable to train them consistently due to a recurring pec injury. “However with that in mind I very recently switched from sumo deadlift to conventional and have had no pain.” But she secured gold overall with her first deadlift.