Clydebank forward Alan Frizzell always thought that a move to the Bankies from Largs Thistle was a step up, despite Largs being promoted last year.

The 21-year-old joined this summer from the Ayrshire side, but says Clydebank is a big name in Scottish football, and not just junior level.

And he cited the stature and the attacking nature of the side as some of the draws that made it easy for him to decide.

He said: “I actually feel that it’s a step up, as far as I’m concerned.

“Clydebank is a massive club, it’s a massive name in junior football and Scottish football in general, and the standard of football we’ve been playing at Clydebank it’s been great.”

Another draw for the former Morton player was the large crowds that turn out at Holm Park each week, after witnessing it for himself towards the end of last season when Clydebank manager Budgie McGhie invited him down.

He added: “Budgie asked me to come and watch a game, so I came over to watch a match at Holm Park, and I couldn’t believe the amount of people that were there on a Wednesday night.

“A midweek game you struggle to get fans down as it is, and to have the amount of support they had was brilliant.

“That was another thing that swayed me towards signing because it’s clearly a well supported club.”

The striker scored six goals last season for Thistle as they were promoted to the Premier Division.

But he said the side were disappointed not to win the league, after being pipped at the last minute by Cumnock.

Frizzell said: “It ended up being a great success at the end of the year, from the year before we were fighting relegation and the next year we actually managed to get promoted it was a wee bit tough at the end of the year when we were waiting on results coming in to see if we’d won the league or not.

“Cumnock got the results they needed to win the league which was a wee bit bittersweet.”

tBut it was a good group of boys and I was happy to end up getting promotion with the boys but it was a tough year.

And the forward has enjoyed his pre-season so far with the Bankies, and he and the other new arrivals have been made to feel welcome by the rest of the team.

He added: “It’s been brilliant, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve not got a bad word to say about any of the boys so far.

“I can’t stress enough how welcoming the boys have been and after the Carnoustie game at the weekend we all went out as a team and honestly not just saying this but I feel as if I’ve been there for years.

“I was saying that with Jamie Darroch, I was sharing a lift with him driving home on Saturday night and we were both saying the same thing.

“I’ve never had a more welcoming group of boys and I feel as if I’ve been there for years, and that’s brilliant coming into a new team.

“Everybody I had spoken to that had been at the club before, no-one has ever had a bad word to say about it which is unusual for a football team.

“You usually find people have got agendas and nobody I had spoken to in the past and even boys that are currently there.

“I was speaking to Nicky Little about it as well and he only had good things to say about the club so there was only one decision I was ever really going to make.”

And the striker echoed his teammates’ sentiments, the league title is the target for Clydebank, and not just getting promoted.

He said: “For the team we want to win the league, we don’t want promoted – we don’t want second, we want to win the league.

“It’s a mutual feeling throughout the team and we all know what we want to do. I would say that’s definitely the target.”

The striker also got his first goal for the club at the weekend, and he was glad to settle his nerves with an easy chance.

He added: “It was great, I was delighted. I had one easy chance against Greenock where I hit the inside of the post, and I was thinking about it all night.

“It’s one of those ones that you miss and you keep going over and over it in your head all the time.

“I said to Josh [Lumsden] just before I went on that I’d need a bit of luck or a tap in to set me off and it was a bit of a pass back and it went underneath the keeper.”