I GO down to Clydebank’s shopping centre at least three times a week. I get off the bus and go to the escalator that has been out of action for at least two months.

I then venture into the centre where I am met with an army of people who want your money for charity donations, with different people waving buckets at you.

Then someone asks you if have you had an accident in the last two years. (I think I would know if I had).

Then some other person asks you what power supplier I use. By this time I have not even started my shopping.

Next, a person asking me if I am in the AA. Then further down the line, who supplies your TV. Is it Sky, Virgin, or who? Then when I have got through this minefield of pests at the bottom of the shopping centre is someone selling the Big n Issue.

Why not just leave people alone? Let them go about their daily business without being harassed. It really is annoying.

H MacPhail Duntocher