Once again it is no surprise prices in the big supermarkets are not falling fast enough. 

In my last column I mentioned that the government should be scrutinising the supermarkets regarding the price of food. 

The supermarkets were quick enough to blame inflation for the high prices. I just wonder what they will be blaming now for the prices not dropping quick enough.

In recent weeks most council’s have set their budget and in Glasgow we saw one of the most brutal budgets that has ever been presented to councillors with savings in excess of £107,000,000 needing to be made in the years to come with potentially 450 teaching staff cut. The MCR Pathways programme which helps support some of the most vulnerable young people in our society is coming under threat.

SNP/Green administration in Glasgow have accepted cut after cut to Glasgow’s budget over the years instead of standing up for the people of Glasgow. They seem to roll out the same argument year after year - it’s the UK Government’s fault. Glasgow deserves better.

One good piece of news for Drumchapel was the award of millions of pounds from the UK from Levelling Up Fund.

This money will hopefully make a huge difference around the shopping centre area and I would to thank my colleague councillor Patricia Ferguson for the hard work over the last two years along with myself for the contribution we made to make this happen. I would like to thank the officers in the council who did a fantastic job putting forward the application for this money. 

This, along with the new housing that is due to be built on the old Antonine school site, will transform the top half of the shopping centre area and we very much hope the owners of the shopping centre will invest in the centre also.

Finally, over the last few months both myself and councillor Ferguson visited the three local secondary schools - Drumchapel High, St Thomas Aquinas, and Knightswood secondary. On each occasion we did a question and answer session with the fifth/sixth year pupils. 

We were not allowed to see the questions in advance and the young people were a credit to themselves, their parents and their school. 

It is worth mentioning that the four local councillors where invited along to the question and answer sessions in each school.  Unfortunately only myself and councillor Ferguson could make the visits.