In his latest Post column, Drumchapel Councillor Paul Carey shares his thoughts on the state of food prices and Glasgow City Council bin collections...

ONCE again we see the prices in some of the major supermarkets failing to drop despite the drop in inflation.

These big companies have made a fortune in the last few years, particularly during lockdown periods, and yet here we have them during a cost-of-living crisis cashing in.

We haven’t even seen a decrease in some of the most basic items that people rely on.

Many of my constituents have contacted me to ask why the prices have not started falling and what are the government doing to help.

My constituents are wondering why the government have not instigated an inquiry into this.

Given the amount of money these big supermarkets have made during the pandemic, prices are still not dropping fast enough.

I read recently that some of these big supermarkets are blaming the cost of raw materials and other supplier costs.

This may be one reason that prices may not have dropped as quickly as inflation, but given the monopoly many of the big supermarkets have within their supply markets, they cannot use this as the sole basis of their argument. Action needs to be taken now.

My inbox has been inundated with complaints this past week about missed bin collections.

This is down solely to a lack of resources and a lack of investment by this SNP/Green administration into the Glasgow cleansing services.

Years ago, I warned this administration repeatedly about the issues with this frontline service and they have failed to act.

The responsibility for this lies solely with this joint administration.

When will they listen to their constituents across the city?

They are being left with not even a basic cleansing service. Given the time of year post-Christmas, the issue is compounded tenfold.