I WANT to highlight Stonedyke Community Centre, which was set on fire a few weeks back.

This, in my opinion, could easily been avoided.

The centre lay empty for several years and, during that time, I had a number of meetings with Glasgow City Council, City Property, and a community group that was keen to take it over.

However, after months of trying, the council could not agree on the way forward, even though I thought what the group was asking for was quite reasonable.

Fast forward and we have the building being set on fire. Along with many residents, I was very concerned over the years that this would happen.

It will now probably cost more money to demolish it than it would have to come to an agreement with the local group.

I am also very surprised that the police have cast doubt on the rollout of body cameras for officers.

The First Minster had promised that, by 2024, 11,000 officers would have them as a priority.

In 2011, I came up with the idea to provide body cameras to traffic wardens to crack down on the abuse they were receiving while carrying out their duties

Meanwhile, a pilot project saw the cameras being provided to police in my ward, where they were gratefully received by frontline officers.

I am very disappointed that, more than a decade on, the rollout is being delayed.

I fully understand that the delay is down to the SNP government and the pressure it has put on our police force budget over the years.

It is now time for the government to keep its promises and put up the money that it said would be made available to kit out police with body cameras.

As most readers have probably heard, a pilot scheme to scrap peak time fares on ScotRail trains is being launched.

My constituents have posed many questions in relation to this. For example, will passengers who have bought an annual ticket, at a significant cost, to commute to work etc. be entitled to a refund?

Also, will those who are entitled to concession tickets still be able to get these?

I'd also like to mention the dispute between the council's SNP/Green administration and cleansing services after staff working on the bins were sent home once again.

Union officials have tried time and time again to discuss the issue with the council, which doesn’t seem to be willing to find a middle ground and, instead, sends staff home, which could result in loss of earnings for some of its lowest-paid workers.

This administration has done nothing to help resolve the situation. Instead, it is making it worse.

We have the union accusing the council of breaching workers' rights.

It is time for this administration to get its head out of the sand and come to the negotiating table before we end up with a winter of disruption for local people.