COUNCIL has resumed after what has been a very busy summer recess.

Getting out and about to meet individuals, attend local events and visit organisations that play a vital role within our community has been a real highlight of the past few months.

I attended a visit with Dynamite Gymnastics, based in Clydebank Business Park, who treated me to their showcase ahead of their trip to the World Gymnaestrada event in Amsterdam.

This provided me with an opportunity to see the level of sporting talent within the young people in our community.

I also visited One Bedford-shire Community Garden. This is a great project in South Drumry that highlights the strength of working together for a positive outcome.

It was fantastic to see the progress that has been made there over the last few months.

Further, I attended a range of community fun days alongside my colleagues, including the Clydebank Fire Station Open Day, YSort It’s Family Fun Day and the Community Day held at Dalmuir Barclay Church.

Events like these provide a brilliant opportunity for people to come together and bring to the forefront the important role that these organisations have within our community.

I have continued to work tirelessly for my constituents by dealing with casework and have worked hard to tackle the important issues for my ward.

I am delighted that I have managed to get some great results, such as the recent resurfacing works that have taken place around the junction between Clarence Street and Drumry Road.

The state of the roads there is a matter that has been raised with me by a number of constituents, so I know that this will make a significant difference to many residents who use this route regularly.

This is a win for the constituents of Clydebank Central.

The anti-social behaviour issue within our town centre has understandably been a huge concern for residents.

This is a matter I have been working on for a considerable amount of time and, whilst this remains a concern, I am pleased with the progress of the action plan that has been implemented.

This is having a positive impact on tackling the problem head-on.

I would like to thank all partners involved, including our local police.

I aim to be an accessible local councillor. Any constituents who wish to raise any issues or concerns with me can get in touch via email, phone or by attending one of my regular advice surgeries, which I hold throughout the ward.