In her latest Post column, Drumchapel MSP Patricia Ferguson shares her thoughts on the area's birthday celebrations...

Over the summer, it was good to be able to attend a number of community open days and family fun days right across the ward.

After the years when we all experienced the limitations and isolation of lockdowns, it was great to see people coming together to celebrate their communities and organisations.

One of those events celebrated the 70th anniversary of the establishment of Drumchapel.

Originally built to house 34,000 people, the population of Drumchapel is now closer to 12,000 but the spirit of the residents is still strong, and a huge number of organisations and local people took part.

The City Council is consulting on the Drumchapel Local Development Framework.

The purpose of the framework is to inform a vision for Drumchapel and its development.

Areas such as housing, shops, facilities, transport infrastructure, parks and open spaces are all being considered.

If you have any thoughts or views about the future of Drumchapel please consider emailing your comments to

The draft document can be found here:

FOR many years, the westbound carriageway on Great Western Road at the Blairdardie flats has suffered from severe flooding every time there is heavy rain.

As a result, on occasion, the westbound carriageway has had to be closed and at other times drivers have been forced on to the central reservation and the pavement has been impassable.

Since being elected last year, I have been urging council officers to investigate this problem and implement a solution.

I am very pleased that the reason for the flooding has now been identified and that the work is scheduled to be completed by September 30.

Hopefully, this will help to prevent this long-standing problem for motorists and pedestrians.