ONCE again we see the false prose of the Glasgow SNP administration.

In 2017, one of their flagship policies was to give every ward £1million and for each community to decide how to spend it.

Six years on and not a penny of that £1million has been spent in the Drumchapel/Anniesland ward.

Now we have just been told that the SNP administration could take up to a third of the £1million from each ward to plug a gap in the roads/potholes budget.

After years of underspending by this administration, they are now saying the state of our roads is down to a bad winter.

They are using any excuse to hide the fact that it is the incompetence of their budget that has contributed towards the poor condition of these roads.

We now have a situation where they want to fix the problem by using money that belongs to our local communities.

On another point, allotment charges in Glasgow have gone up by 400 percent.

How can they justify this, particularly during a cost-of-living crisis?

My constituents feel betrayed by this.

Along with my colleague Councillor Patricia Ferguson, I have raised this issue with the administration. However, they are determined to go through with these decisions.

This makes a mockery of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, which aims to help empower community bodies through the ownership or control of land and buildings and by strengthening their voices in decisions being made about public services.

Once again the SNP administration, when it suits them, just seem to ignore this legislation.

The purpose of this Act was to empower communities but my constituents tell me that they don’t feel empowered.

This raises the question of whether the Act is worth the paper it is written on.